About Geoffrey Botkin

Geoffrey Botkin

Geoffrey Botkin is a husband, father and grandfather who takes great delight in his family. He and his family work together to articulate misplaced truths and lessons about family dynamics and the strength of the family institution. Through the Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences he publishes materials primarily for leaders in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Works in progress include a documentary on the role families can play in the development of civil society.

A Message From Geoffrey Botkin

Geoffrey Botkin

The year 2014 has been a turning-point year in world history, and in American history. It is ideas that are changing national and international conditions. Many conditions are changing by the day. A new Islamic caliphate has called for offensive worldwide Jihad. Violence is reaching into small-town America. A killer plague has landed in the Bible belt. Europe is abandoning the dollar. By the week, the American government and military forfeit the respect of both enemies and allies alike. Unsustainable national debt is coming due. Each of these developments will touch every American. But times of fearsome and sudden challenge have always been times of unique and positive cultural opportunity. Western Conservatory is pleased to provide tools for thinking and tools for creative cultural change during this favorable time in history. With great hope and optimism we are discovering that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, when applied to real life challenges, does have sharp cultural relevance. Join us as we explore this potent idea together.