Homeschool Dropouts
54 minutes in length
Widescreen NTSC, all regions
37 minutes of bonus material
DVD $20.00

Why the Second Generation is Headed for a Spiritual Wasteland and What Can Be Done

The "first generation" home schooling movement is almost three decades old. It has been a stunning success. Even the most critical skeptics admit this. "But," they ask, "what about the second generation? Will the homeschool graduates do what their teachers did?" This is the real test of any teacher, especially a parent. Does the student understand the importance of the lesson? Will the second generation continue to build on the legacy of independent home education, or abandon what their parents so bravely began? The Botkin siblings have been talking to their peers around the United States, many of whom are planning futures that do not include home education. Is this the first sign of homeschooling failure? This documentary examines the history of the movement and the character that will be required to sustain it into the second generation and beyond.

DVD Homeschool Dropouts
  • 54 minutes in length
  • Widescreen NTSC, all regions
  • 37 minutes of bonus material

About the Author

Geoffrey & Victoria Botkin and their grown, home-educated children work together to discover and recover functional family culture in the United States and beyond. They hold dual citizenship in the US and New Zealand, and have launched media and business endeavors in both nations. Western Conservatory was founded six years ago as a means to help families carry out Great Commission duties (Matt. 28:18-20). From rural Tennessee, they strongly endorse the practical application of theology, wisdom, and creativity in all of life. They regularly speak together at conferences, film academies, and online webinars. They work together to publish and produce original books, articles, audio messages, original music, and video resources. Their aim is to clearly address the most critical battles of this generation, discipling individuals and families toward holiness and Christ-like maturity (Colossians 1:28).