Acclaimed History Text Back in Print

Acclaimed History Text Back in Print

Western Conservatory
May 31, 2013

Few events in America’s history have been as influential - or as complicated - as the bloody war between our southern and northern states. No other event has so vividly underscored our strengths and weaknesses as a people and as a nation, and no other event has so changed our citizenry and our government.

The Western Conservatory is pleased to announce that John J. Dwyer’s book, The War Between the States, is back in print for the 150th anniversary of the War. It was not written or published to provoke new hostilities, but in order that America might better understand the hot and brutal passions that exploded into a bloody quarrel between brothers.

What was so important to them that they would fight to the death? John J. Dwyer’s personal study into the forgotten or twisted records provides a scope for understanding that can prevent future unnecessary quarrels. His work gives America applicable perspective to a fifty-year conflict that has chilling parallels to specific challenges facing the United States at this hour.

In order to more clearly explain this conflict, John J. Dwyer has compiled source documents on the development of social and religious ideas that preceded secession and war. The battles are described in detail and strategic context, depicting how they affected soldiers and civilians alike. At the War’s conclusion, there were further changes to our society, attitudes, and even Constitutional legislation, all of which are carefully explained in this groundbreaking work.

Featuring research and articles from George Grant, J. Steven Wilkins, Douglas Wilson, and Tom Spencer, the book is also illustrated by the paintings of John Paul Strain, and includes nearly 500 photographs, maps and charts, as well as dozens of biographies of politicians, theologians, writers, soldiers, inventors, spies, nurses, and journalists. Learn the amazing stories behind this War, and what they mean.

This book can help return moral certainty to freedom-loving men by imparting a basis of knowledge that leads to humility, character and wisdom. America must rebuild this foundation as we enter complex 21st Century tests, many of which mirror the tests of the uncivil conflict addressed in this book.

A study guide is also available to accompany the 700-page hardcover book. Exercises are provided for each of the book’s 38 chapters. Features include detailed chapter summaries, lists of identification terms and fill-in-the blank completion exercises, timeline exercises, suggestions for essays, and thought questions.

To compliment the book and study guide, Western Conservatory has also created a visually rich timeline, spanning the years surrounding the War Between the States, to give a chronological look at the events that led up to and followed the conflict. See these events in their historical context, from the military battles and political struggles, to influential inventions and popular literary works and ideologies. The timeline also includes a map of states, territories, and battles, biographies of key figures, and charts showing the military and economic resources of both sides.

And as the war raged through the South, the women were watching from upstairs windows and through closed blinds. By night they saw enemy campfires burning in their orchards and pastures. By day they saw Federal troops stealing their livestock and raiding their cellars and gardens. Thousands of battles were fought during the War between the States which never made it into the history books - the battles the women and children of the south fought against worry, loneliness and fear.

But throughout the mighty struggle they kept up their faith. The sixth audiobook in the Voices from the Past series chronicles their story in excerpts from their journals and letters, read by Victoria Botkin and enhanced with period music and sound effects.

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The Western Conservatory is a Christian organization founded by the seven children of Geoffrey Botkin as a resource for people involved in the business of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). We produce and publish books, articles, audio recordings, and video resources, seeking to equip Christians to apply Scripture in all areas of life and culture (individual, family, church, and state).


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