Questions Every Dad Should Ask Himself

Questions Every Dad Should Ask Himself

Geoffrey Botkin
June 16, 2013

This Father's Day, let's we fathers ask ourselves how we're actually doing at our job. I've had the privilege of speaking to fathers now for four decades, and put together this short little list of questions to help men focus their efforts with their children.

Questions Every Dad Should Ask Himself:

  • Do your sons and daughters know what they believe? Do they know the dangers of unbelief?
  • Under what circumstances would they die for the faith?
  • To what extent have they been tested?
  • Do they know how to confront daily moral tests and triumph?
  • Can they defend the faith verbally?
  • Can they defend good doctrine verbally?
  • Can they articulate a comprehensive statement of faith?
  • Do your children show you proper respect when you lead worship/teaching at home?
  • Have you discipled them or neglected them?
  • Do you have your children's hearts?
  • Are your wishes and opinions important to them?
  • Do your children want to be with you, or with peers as immature as they?
  • Do they receive discipline and instruction with all reverence?
  • Do your sons aspire to be godly men or worldly men?
  • Do your daughters aspire to be godly women or worldly women?
  • Do they want to be men and women of Jerusalem, Athens, or Los Angeles?
  • Do your sons and daughters have holy affections?
  • Do you tolerate insolence or passive rebellion?
  • Do your children have brotherly affection for one another?
  • Do they disciple one another constructively or do they act like competitors or enemies?
  • Do they fear God in biblical ways?
  • How accurately do you represent God to your children?
  • Do your children delight in your home environment?
  • Do your sons look forward to being fathers and providers?
  • Do your daughters look forward to being helpmeets and mothers?
  • Can you guide and correct them with your eyes?
  • Will they be ready for marriage at 18? 21? 25? 35?
  • Will your children be trustworthy arrows when you send them forth?
  • Can your children work with you to face any challenge you would put before them?
  • How about a family business, with everyone working together?
  • Do you know of every disciplemaking influence that could be alienating your sons or daughters from you and your instruction to them?
  • Do your children respect and love the authority and sovereignty of God and his word?
  • Do they see their place in God’s providential plan of history?
  • Can you give your children your blessing knowing they have been trained to be worthy of a blessing?

About the Author

Geoffrey Botkin is a cultural analyst, political consultant, veteran filmmaker, husband, and father. He currently serves as a senior consultant to the Western Conservatory of the Arts & Sciences.


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