Trump's First and Most Critical War

Trump's First and Most Critical War

Geoffrey Botkin
December 8, 2016

Some fifty million supporters of Donald Trump are waiting, eagerly, for the President’s January offensive. They want to see Trump be Trump, officially. The fight of the century, for which they voted themselves front-line seats, is the war on political correctness. They want to see Trump take this war to the enemy from the Bully Pulpit -- to see the-world-as-the-globalists-know-it to come to a crashing end. They want their nation back.

Trump’s enemies, for their part, are ready with their own strategy in this war. These are the wounded global elites. With every appointment or policy Trump adds as a stone to his besieged fortress, they add a new page to their January battle plan. They intend, in the simplest terminology, to bully the new administration into compliance. 

The politically-correct offensive of the media will have all the noise and malice needed to vanquish the Bully Pulpit. For the Left this will be the war to end all challenges to political correctness. They mean to hit Trump so hard he retreats, humiliated and silenced, into the safe room of fortress White House. Then they intend to pulverize every stone in the battlement, and sweep President Trump and his administration out of the political arena and into the dustbin of irrelevance.

The Allies of the Wartime President

In their counter-offensive against the Trump White House, the internationalists mean to regain all the lost ground of 2016 -- worldwide. And there is a lot of lost ground. By focusing their efforts on the Washington Mall, they attack the very heart of nationalist sentiment. An America thus embattled will prove to the West that populism is futile; that political correctness is self-righteous, morally superior, and must always win ideological war because opposition is innately evil, reactionary and, of course, uneducated.

The ruling oligarchs have no intention of allowing Donald Trump to say one official word about political correctness. This is why his strategy to win the war depends so heavily on three things:

·         what his allies say

·         what his policies say

·         and what his staff says.  

Politically-correct globalism is a global problem. It can, however, be defeated by nations who work together to escalate the war on elitism faster than elitists can bully nations into compliance. The momentum for this is now building every month.

With Churchillian resolve, Britain and Europe are bracing themselves, mentally, for this escalated war against political correctness. Suddenly they have the stomach to fight – to the death -- a toxic strain of political correctness that has been undermining their institutions for a century. Nationalist leaders Orban, Wilders, Le Pen, Petry, Hofer, Rösti, Farage and others are leading their diminutive freedom parties out of obscurity to stunning electoral victories.

Earlier this year British scholar Simon Heffer opposed the political elite by voting “leave” in the Brexit referendum. He explained his vote for freedom and sovereignty with the comment: “If I was told that I would be stewing grass to feed my family in five years time if we left the European Union, I would still do it.” 1

This determination for independence and freedom confounds the ruling elites. The passivity, the docility they had carefully embedded into the self-loathing soul of Western man – where is it now? Where is the “unaware and compliant” citizenry they had cultivated through the culture wars? 2 Well, from Budapest to Berlin to Boston they are over at Trump’s twitter account, marveling that somebody has audacity to call an oligarch an oligarch.

Western nationalists are now building fraternal unity across intact borders: combining relative strengths, sharing digital information. And they are becoming less “unaware and compliant” every week. They are learning from each others’ local conflicts and offering their solidarity to other free-thinking and freedom-loving nationalists. This swelling group of nationalists received news of Trump’s American victory as though it were their own. And they know full well the elitists will try to derail American nationalism by striking at Trump with as much force as possible.

Geert Wilders, leader of Holland’s Freedom Party, has been in the policy trenches more than two decades. Wilders’ comment to a watching world on Trump’s victory gives the future president a strategic tool for his arsenal. "America,” he said, “has just liberated itself from political correctness.” 3

What exactly is Wilders saying? This is not the fleeting euphoria of a political hobbyist at the local pub on election night. With strategic deliberation, Wilders handed Trump a heroic battle cry that could neutralize the Great Siege of 2017. This one short phrase could be used to deflect the point of the enemy’s spear, and then completely disarm the adversary. Every member of Trump’s administration can use this statement to masterful, historic effect, if they will.  

Consider: In January, Trump will face the heightened hostilities of an argumentative media.  Trump and his staff will be condescendingly challenged on every policy, every appointment, and every statement coming from the Executive Office of the President. The Left will be insisting that all news stories, all confirmation hearings, all interviews, all press conferences -- the entire lexicography of political discourse – be conducted on their silly, artificial playground of political absurdity, using their pet phrases and inflated emotionalisms. The administration simply needs to stand in the bully pulpit and reframe the discussion. If this happens, the Left’s battle plan becomes suddenly powerless. Imagine a confrontation with the American media, and this response from a Trump appointee:

“Sorry, but we don’t use PC terminology or ideology any more. That’s over. America liberated itself from political correctness in the last election. We’re no longer enslaved to that false, artificial, self-righteous world. We don’t play those games any more. You had better get used to this very different world, because we are never going back to intellectual and moral irrationality.”

Nations are Inspired by Moral Unity

Trump and Pence were not elected to keep the Washington charades going for the entertainment or the ratings of the establishment media. They were given a mandate to rebuild a civil society in which political correctness has no future place. The new administration must not dignify political correctness as having any part in the civilized world because political correctness was the counter-cultural poison mixed and distributed for one purpose: to exterminate Western civilization. 

In January, the staff of President Trump should be briefed and ready for the take-no-prisoners attack from the globalists. It will be fierce, foul, and vicious. The assault needs to be met with energetic moral integrity and confidence. The angry Left must be resisted by a unified Trump administration calmly and confidently contradicting the false wisdom of PC and saying what everyone knows is true: political correctness is nonsense and will be treated that way.

The success of the Trump platform and Trump’s first term will depend on the coherence and unity of his staff in holding the line against politically-correct bullying. All 4,000 appointees need to stand together in defiance of false ideas and the deceitful ideology of the Left. 

So where does Trump find people of such immovable principle? 

Look briefly at what sustains political correctness: Mendacity, cowardice, irrationality, and immaturity. To triumph over this moral anarchy, Trump merely has to find people who have grown up. He needs people who can keep a simple promise to the President not to surrender the moral high ground. If Trump’s staff can encourage each other in the conflict, and learn from each other about truth, courage, rationality, and maturity, the Trump administration will reveal the practical alternative to political correctness. If his staff is united on this, he wins the war. Theoretically.

Nations are Inspired by Moral Honesty

Chinese military theoretician Sun Tzu told commanders-in-chief that victories depend on “knowing the enemy and knowing yourself.”  The Trump administration will not win this war without admitting the subtle threats of ideological indoctrination, and admitting, honestly, that we Americans have been conned, deceived, and intellectually compromised by them. The war must begin with this blunt assessment of our own moral weaknesses. Every one of us are PC casualties, having been scammed into American groupthink. Groupthink dies hard. 

Political correctness is not fashionable hipness. It is war machinery. It is a psychological command-and-control weapon. Its objective is the imposition of uniformity in thought, speech, and behavior. Every Western nation, including America, was supposed to go along, and we did. We adopted personal docility and blind trust in a global government of experts. We fell for it and lost most of our sovereignty and national identity.

We learned the art of cultural surrender in the same way we learned that it is wrong for a male-identifying person to hold a door open for a female-identifying person because that would be an offensive and oppressive vestigial act belonging to the long-discarded culture once known as Western civilization…and in the same way we were taught to repeat, “Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”4

By the 20th century,5 political correctness had been so thoroughly baked-in to the American counter-culture that it has taken quiet residence in the hearts and minds of all of us. Even Trump’s most brilliant colleagues need to acknowledge this and know themselves before they are exposed to enemy fire. It will take untiring intellectual discipline and commitment to identify and defy every trace of positivism, materialism, hyper-secularism, postmodernism, and cultural relativism. But this is one moral discipline free men can learn. The staff of Donald Trump can learn to model these disciplines to every allied nation that has suffered under base and cowardly servitude to political correctness. This is called executive leadership. 

Nations are Inspired by Moral Leadership

In the nations where political correctness is being systematically dismissed, its long, slow, dying process begins. In Hungary, consistent resistance is killing political correctness. Nationalist leader Viktor Orban has rallied millions of citizens of the “irredeemable” category with calls to unity, resistance, and consistency of speech. “The task which awaits the Hungarian people,” the Prime Minister said, “and the nations of Central Europe and the other European nations which have not yet lost all common sense, is to defeat, rewrite and transform the fate intended for us….We must therefore drag the ancient virtue of courage out from under the silt of oblivion. First of all we must put steel in our spines…” 6

Earlier this month Hungarians put steel in their spines and went to the polls to vote. A full 98 percent of Hungarian voters 7  sided with Orban against politically-correct masters in Brussels. The media oligarchs panicked and covered up this significant victory. Next month there should be a similar victory in Austria. 

A population of populists is a frightening thing to the establishment. Even more frightening is a thinking and morally courageous head of state who inspires others to speak truth. When entire nations develop a taste for liberty and start thinking and speaking freely, it is a heady experience. Every time candidate Trump made this look easy, he declared war on the lie he was contradicting. His supporters wanted to see more. Not because Trump is an entertaining guy with witty one-liners, but because they want to be thoroughly liberated from the culture of political correctness by a leader they trust will be true to his moral pledges, and proficient with the executive powers of the presidency.

  • 1. Martin Durkin interview aired in Brexit, the 2016 British documentary film produced by WAG TV
  • 2. In a private message to the Clinton campaign chairman, political operative Bill Ivey referenced their inside conspiracy “to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.” But he then sounded an alarm about how the old reliable conspiracy was breaking down.  “Compliance is obviously fading rapidly,” he noted.
  • 3.
  • 4. Hillary Clinton repeated this on the campaign trail as a summary of American government policy.
  • 5. Montgomery Zachariah. The Poison Fountain or Anti-Parental Education, self-published, San Francisco, 1879.  Assistant US Attorney General Zachariah warned that public schools would dwarf the consciences of men, enfeeble the conscience by disuse, and train men “to habits of base and cowardly servitude.”   In The Great Technology (1933), Harold Rugg elucidated the vision of government education:  “A new public mind is to be created. How? Only by creating tens of millions of individual minds and welding them into a new social mind. Old stereotypes must be broken up and "new climates of opinion" formed in the neighborhoods of America.”
  • 6. Public speech, Prime Minister of Hungary, March 15, 2016,
  • 7. More than 98% of those who voted in the November 3rd referendum answered 'no' to the question: "Do you want the European Union to be entitled to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of the National Assembly?"

About the Author

Geoffrey Botkin is a cultural analyst, political consultant, veteran filmmaker, husband, and father. He currently serves as a senior consultant to the Western Conservatory of the Arts & Sciences.


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