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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?

Can my donation be directed toward specific Conservatory projects?
Yes. Please give any special instructions in the comments field.

Where will donations go?
For non-designated gifts, funds will go toward the development of our media division. This is strategically important because this division should become a major engine of ongoing revenue. Our goal is to make the Conservatory completely self sufficient. Until that day, your donations are vitally important.

Can I donate stock?
Yes. Donors can take tax deductions for donations of publicly traded stock. Your stock broker will know how to direct the donation to the Conservatory.


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A Message From Geoffrey Botkin

Geoffrey Botkin

Why do historians call the family “the basic unit of society?” Because families build and then preserve the foundations of civilization. Parents and children can work together and learn together and create the very fabric of culture. When families know what they’re doing, the adventure of family life is stimulating beyond description. And home life becomes happy and highly rewarding. The families here at Western Conservatory are on an exhilarating mission to find and publish the lost secrets and tools families need to build the future. We are extraordinarily optimistic about the 21st century because we see so many American families rediscovering solid ground and a vision for freedom. Come with us on this journey of faith and promise. Let’s build the future together.

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