Crossroads Audio Collection
13 downloadable MP3 audio messages
Over 11 hours of teaching
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"The topics presented were very relevant to families who desire to build a godly heritage. I love the fact that as a family you have surveyed the condition of our culture and considered how you, as a family, can engage the culture in a way that calls men and women to think and act biblically. That kind of Christianity is desperately needed."
In this powerful audio series, Geoffrey and Victoria Botkin and their seven children tackle the most challenging issues currently facing Christian families. What is a Christian family and how does it function? How can Christian families live, survive and prosper spiritually in a nation that will become increasingly anti-family and anti-Christian in the next several years? In these thirteen critical messages, the Botkin family speaks on these pressing issues sensibly, drawing wisdom and timely answers from the Word of God.
"I only wish so many more people could learn the things we did. In our area a lot of things talked about at the conference have never been heard of."
Lectures include:
"Thank you for inspiring our family, we left the conference energized and encouraged to be "always reforming" in our family, our church, and in our individual lives."
MP3 Crossroads Audio Collection
  • 13 downloadable MP3 audio messages
  • Over 11 hours of teaching

About the Author

Geoffrey & Victoria Botkin and their grown, home-educated children work together to discover and recover functional family culture in the United States and beyond. They hold dual citizenship in the US and New Zealand, and have launched media and business endeavors in both nations. Western Conservatory was founded six years ago as a means to help families carry out Great Commission duties (Matt. 28:18-20). From rural Tennessee, they strongly endorse the practical application of theology, wisdom, and creativity in all of life. They regularly speak together at conferences, film academies, and online webinars. They work together to publish and produce original books, articles, audio messages, original music, and video resources. Their aim is to clearly address the most critical battles of this generation, discipling individuals and families toward holiness and Christ-like maturity (Colossians 1:28).


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