Father to Son Study Guide
165 Page Softcover
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Fathers need to begin speaking to their sons. But the conversation can’t be aimless or trivial. Fathers need to talk in manly and specific ways about the duties of Christian manhood. This study guide complements the six-part DVD series designed to provide fathers and future fathers with simple examples of manly discussion. Where does a dad begin?

Each chapter tackles an age appropriate discipline of manhood and how it is developed with fathers. Sons learn the disciplines of manhood through hard work. Fathers interpret the world for sons through shared adventures. Sons learn leadership duties through worship. Sons learn to conquer the world by dominion and to hold the ground they take through spiritual battle.

Please note that this content is already included as PDFs on the DVD set of Father to Son, and this study guide is meant for those who would prefer a bound copy as opposed to printing their own. This book also includes the discussion starter sheets from the DVD, which can be downloaded here if additional copies are needed.

Book Father to Son Study Guide
  • 6" x 9" Softcover
  • 165 Pages

About the Author

Geoffrey Botkin is a cultural analyst, political consultant, veteran filmmaker, husband, and father. He currently serves as a senior consultant to the Western Conservatory of the Arts & Sciences.


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