Hollywood's Most Despised Villain
Running Time: 59 minutes
MP3 $5.00

This message examines biblical definitions of aesthetics, holiness, and antithesis as each concept pertains to film. Also examined is Hollywood's vision for aesthetics. Geoffrey Botkin relates the little-known history of the Left's deliberate effort (beginning in 1923) to impoverish the aesthetics of Hollywood and to thereby seize cultural hegemony. Explains the corrupt soul of an industry that went from Shirley Temple to Madonna in less than two generations, and how the Christian patriarch became an object of deliberate contempt.

MP3 Hollywood's Most Despised Villain
  • Running Time: 59 minutes

About the Author

Geoffrey Botkin is a cultural analyst, political consultant, veteran filmmaker, husband, and father. He currently serves as a senior consultant to the Western Conservatory of the Arts & Sciences.


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