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Father-Son Conversations About Life, Liberty, Manhood, and the Pursuit of Obedience

This mentoring webinar took place April 6 - May 25, 2010. The MP3 audio and PowerPoint slides from the course are still available for purchase.

Geoff is one of the most Godly, purposeful, intentional men I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The opportunity to partake in a mentoring time with him is of such great worth that I would take advantage of it at almost any price. I know this time will affect my family and those we encounter for generations to come.” - Dr. Ken Puckett

Sit down with your boys and join Geoffrey Botkin and his five sons for eight weeks of manly conversation about life, liberty, and the pursuit of obedience. Over 29 years of fatherhood, Geoffrey has spoken to Isaac, David, Benjamin, Lucas, and Noah, interpreting everyday life, current events, and history in terms of Scripture. Everyday conversations about work, recreation, temptations, struggles, and victories can have life-long and eternal significance. When fathers open the Word to find their marching orders and teach their sons to do the same, boys learn how to think, act, lead, live, love, and die like men. As fathers and sons listen in on these conversations, they can learn to model similar conversations. Submit your questions. Have your sons submit theirs on any and every subject, including
  • Life missions and messages
  • Current events
  • Entertainment
  • Making money
  • Video games
  • Sports
  • Social networking
  • Historical warfare
  • Modern warfare
  • Marriage
  • Porn, strange women, and maturity
  • Watching movies
  • Enemies and Friends
  • Humanitarian efforts and the Great Commission
  • Grand adventures
  • Worthless adventures
  • Exploration
  • The arts
  • The future of America
  • How to treat a lady
  • How to build a civilization
What men have said about mentoring with Geoffrey Botkin:

I have found the sessions so helpful to me. Every Saturday morning after each session I am so encouraged and my wife really enjoys seeing me be "on fire" about these most important issues. . . . The sessions are so packed with good information that after they are over I run them through my mind all week. These topics are so needed in our day.” - Andrew, Idaho

We are commanded to get wisdom by any means possible, at any price, and this is a very good and direct means.” - Chris, United Kingdom

For the last ten years we have really grown spiritually and realize that there will never be any coasting or resting on a plateau when it comes to learning about, trusting, and obeying the Word of God. As I listen to Geoffrey's faithful teaching and mentoring, I can see that his wisdom is biblically solid. I can see how many of my failures could have been avoided if in the past I had learned what I know now and continue to learn. I have the experience to recognize that Geoffrey's teaching is biblically solid and wise and I so appreciate how he mentors those of us listening in how to apply it.” - Barney, Wisconsin

The time each week has been a great encouragement and blessing to me, helping me to focus my thinking on matters of great significance for the future of Christian civilization! . . . There is no time to be idle as we look to prepare ourselves for the specific areas of disciple-making to which God has called us as men and I see the knowledge and wisdom that God has provided you to be a tremendous asset in helping me and other men be faithful warriors to our Lord.” - David, Michigan

The sessions have been so helpful that I could not even put a price upon it.” - Dennis, Oklahoma

MP3 Man to Man Mentoring Webinar
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About the Author

Geoffrey Botkin is a cultural analyst, political consultant, veteran filmmaker, husband, and father. He currently serves as a senior consultant to the Western Conservatory of the Arts & Sciences.


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