Navigating History: Egypt DVD Set
6 24-min. Episodes
25 Short Video Features
DVD $30.00

Four Men – Four Cameras – Four Thousand Years

A thrilling and fascinating combination of history, worldview, and travel adventure show, the 6-episode Navigating History: Egypt DVD series follows four young men on a tour through Egypt’s history, from pharaohs and mummies, to the Roman Empire and the early Christian church, to modern-day Islam.

From on horseback to inside rusty taxicabs, travel with them across Egypt’s ancient deserts, inside pyramids, and through Cairo's winding alleys. Dig into history, geography, and current affairs, discovering the Biblical worldview keys to the oldest contiguous culture in the world. Learn how Islam swept the Middle East, and see what it looks like when it dominates a culture. Walk where Mark and Peter preached, and meet members of today’s persecuted Church. Visit ancient temples, and find out why God commanded the Israelites never to return to Egypt. Experience the perspective of global travel, and uncover clues to the Bible's chronology along the way.

Exploring language, government, art, technology, archeology, creation and evolution, theology, the early church, jihad, Shariah law, and much more, these six episodes provide the worldview tools to analyze not just Egypt, but any culture, from a biblical perspective. The story of Egypt vividly illustrates the reality that ideas have consequences and that culture is never neutral. Perfect for students, whole families, history buffs, or anyone who wants to master the ideas that have mastered the ancient and modern world.

This three-DVD set includes six half-hour episodes with behind-the-scenes commentary, 25 video blogs, the original soundtrack by Benjamin Botkin, and much more. Navigating History Egypt Curriculum BundleThe Navigating History: Egypt DVD set is part of the Navigating History: Egypt Curriculum Bundle.

“My family and I absolutely love the episodes of Navigating History: Egypt! …Awesome job, incredible information and priceless insights into the Egyptian culture, and even our own western world as well."
“This whole series on Egypt was simply amazing: I learned so much about Egypt that I had never learned before, considered a lot of things in the light of God’s World that I had never considered of before, and now have a fuller picture of the history behind the part of the Bible that deals with the Israelites in Egypt, and the Exodus out of it. It puts so much of the Bible in an incredible new light, in which I can see God’s plan even more clearly. Not only did this expand my Biblical picture, but the complete series expanded my whole worldview… Learning about the beliefs of ancient Egypt, the growth of the Islamic culture, the history of Christianity, and the totalitarianism of the modern and ancient state, added a whole new dimension to how I view the world from a Christian perspective…. For those of us who have always longed to go to Egypt, and experience that part of the world, but don’t have either the resources or the time, this was perfect."
"Our family thoroughly enjoyed this DVD. The young men did an outstanding job researching, recording, editing, and publishing this DVD. They were able to teach us in a very interesting and witty way and had us laughing at times. The careful observer will note a few surprises throughout. We liked watching it as a family since one or the other of us would pick up on something that another one perhaps did not right away. Very enjoyable and worth the purchase."
DVD Navigating History: DVD Set
  • 6 24-min. Episodes
  • 25 Short Video Features
  • High-Res. Scrollable Shishak Temple Wall
  • Original Soundtrack by Benjamin Botkin

About the Author

For the first season of Navigating History, the team was comprised of Steven Bowman, Chris Harper, Isaac Botkin, and David Noor. Their combined expertise was a perfect combination of historical study, production ability, and cultural literacy.

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