Navigating History: Egypt Soundtrack
32 minutes of original music
MP3 $8.00

The Navigating History: Egypt soundtrack, composed by Ben Botkin (Return of the Daughters, The Mysterious Islands, Ace Wonder), captures the wonder and mystery of ancient and modern Egypt. With authentic Middle Eastern instruments and voices, this haunting score transports you to the land of mummies, Pharaohs, jackal-headed gods, pyramids, and God’s mighty wonders. NOTE: This soundtrack is included on the Navigating History: Egypt DVD set. If you are purchasing the DVDs, you will already have this soundtrack.

MP3 Navigating History: Egypt Soundtrack
  • 31 Minutes of original music
  • 16 tracks
  • 320kbps stereo MP3 files

About the Author

Benjamin is a composer, writer, and speaker with a passion for the reformation of doctrine and culture. He has written music for films "Ace Wonder", "The Mysterious Islands", and documentary "Return of the Daughters", among other visual media projects. Most importantly, he strives to be a better servant of Christ, husband to his lovely wife Audri, and father to his son Ethan.


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