Reclaiming Beauty Study Guide
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The Reclaiming Beauty Study Guide is designed to accompany the 7-session Reclaiming Beauty video series, an intensely practical, biblical, image-rich course on the meaning and cultivation of beauty from the inside out, hosted by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. It ranges from topics as practical as skincare, fitness, posture, voice, modesty solutions, home-made beauty products, and how to clothe ourselves better for less, to subjects as penetrating as personal identity, insecurity, our attitude toward others, and the state of our hearts before the Lord.

In scope, the Reclaiming Beauty Study Course is as much a crash course in art, design, culture, and worldview, equipping women to be deliberate, visionary, and excellent in everything they do, and helping them to place beauty in its proper place alongside every other pursuit of the Christian woman's life.

How to Use this Study Guide

This 100-page study guide was written to be used after viewing the corresponding video lesson, and was designed to help participants get as much out of each lesson as possible. Each chapter follows the main points of the corresponding video, presenting key summary points, discussion questions, and additional Scriptures to study. At the end of each chapter are "Additional Study" ideas and suggested "Assignments."

This guide would be ideal for mother-and-daughter study, women's study groups, or whole-family discussion, as well as individual reflection and study.

Book Reclaiming Beauty Study Guide
  • Paperback
  • 100 pages

About the Author

Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin are the authors of So Much More and It's (Not That) Complicated, producers of the documentary "Return of the Daughters" and the Reclaiming Beauty Study Course, and administrators of More importantly, they're the daughters of Geoffrey and Victoria Botkin, and live and work with their family in central Tennessee.


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