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Contains 1 book, 1 CD series, and 2 individual CDs

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Is it possible for young men and women to be “just friends?” How do young people find each other and then discern the Lord's will for marriage? What does it mean to "marry well"? How do parents shepherd their children through the process?  What should we think about courtship and dating? How can young people treat each other as “[brothers and] sisters, in all purity”? How do you handle crushes?

The three resources in our relationship bundle were designed to help fathers, mothers, young men, and young women answer these questions and more.

It's (Not That) Complicated is a humorous, hopeful, and deeply thought-provoking new look at guy-girl relationships in our times. Dealing practically with such complications as online interaction, Hollywood expectations, undefined relationships, and unrequited love, the Botkin sisters offer enduring biblical principles that can make it all much simpler. 

Marrying Well features Geoffrey Botkin and his wife Victoria, David Botkin and his wife Nadia, and Benjamin Botkin and his wife Audri in a six-part series on courtship and preparation for marriage. Ben, Audri, David, & Nadia share their stories and lessons they’ve learned while seeking to answer the question, "Should I marry this person?" Topics include preparation for marriage, evaluations of courtship, betrothal, and dating, the importance of strong friendships,  maintaining peace and harmony between families, the place of emotions, risk management in relationships, how to evaluate compatibility, how to determine God’s will, and more.

In the MP3 messages What Our Father Taught Us About Boys and What Our Father Taught Us About Girls, Isaac, David, Benjamin, Anna Sofia, and Elizabeth Botkin share practical advice their father taught them from Scripture about how to interact with the opposite sex as brothers and sisters in Christ.



Book It's (Not That) Complicated
  • 280 pages
  • Softcover
CD Marrying Well: Practical Wisdom for Courtship
  • 6 Messages on 8 CDs
  • Slides from webinar
CD What Our Father Taught Us - Bundle
  • Running Time: 107 minutes

About the Author

Geoffrey & Victoria Botkin and their grown, home-educated children work together to discover and recover functional family culture in the United States and beyond. They hold dual citizenship in the US and New Zealand, and have launched media and business endeavors in both nations. Western Conservatory was founded six years ago as a means to help families carry out Great Commission duties (Matt. 28:18-20). From rural Tennessee, they strongly endorse the practical application of theology, wisdom, and creativity in all of life. They regularly speak together at conferences, film academies, and online webinars. They work together to publish and produce original books, articles, audio messages, original music, and video resources. Their aim is to clearly address the most critical battles of this generation, discipling individuals and families toward holiness and Christ-like maturity (Colossians 1:28).


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