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Three 39" Historical Timelines
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Nearly Ten Feet of History!

Perfect for visual learners, these three timelines cover some of the most important events in our nation’s history. From 1490-1620, our Reformation Timeline displays the amazing sequence of events that exploded across Europe in the 16th century. See the key Reformers, strategic locations and the order of Providential events that led up to the colonization of the Americas.

The War for American Independence Timeline focuses on the sequence of events from the 1760s to the mid 1780s that birthed the United States. Battle maps and political struggles, inventions and discoveries, paintings, and biographies of rulers and generals provide context.

Less than one hundred years later, another war was fought on our soil. The War Between the States Timeline begins in the 1850s, describing the events that led up to secession, and ends at the 1868 readmission of the Southern states. Political maps, troop movements, and detailed resource charts help explain the involvement of both sides.

Each timeline also includes zoomed-out, overlapping context timelines showing other key events around the world, from important discoveries and inventions, to popular literary works and ideologies. These influences link all three timelines, creating a rich chronological map of our history.

Timeline Timeline of the Reformation
  • Full Color
  • Heavy Paper
  • 39" x 14"
Timeline War for American Independence Timeline
  • Printed in full color on heavy paper
  • Measures 13.75" high by 39" long
Timeline War Between the States Timeline
  • 14" x 39" Full Color Print
  • 10pt Medium Gloss paper

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Geoffrey & Victoria Botkin and their grown, home-educated children work together to discover and recover functional family culture in the United States and beyond. They hold dual citizenship in the US and New Zealand, and have launched media and business endeavors in both nations. Western Conservatory was founded six years ago as a means to help families carry out Great Commission duties (Matt. 28:18-20). From rural Tennessee, they strongly endorse the practical application of theology, wisdom, and creativity in all of life. They regularly speak together at conferences, film academies, and online webinars. They work together to publish and produce original books, articles, audio messages, original music, and video resources. Their aim is to clearly address the most critical battles of this generation, discipling individuals and families toward holiness and Christ-like maturity (Colossians 1:28).


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